I suppose this is where I should tell you a little bit about myself. I am an introvert who struggles with generalized anxiety disorder. I spend my days putting on a happy face trying to hide the panic that I feel inside for a reason only the higher power knows. I work a stressful job in corporate America that is the best and worst thing for me. I say that because if it weren’t for my job, I would likely have no interaction with the world. Everyday I wake up in a panic, thinking about everything I need to do and with that what the worst possible outcome will be (not would be, will be, because people with anxiety automatically assume the worst); and I go to bed relieved that I made it through the day but fearing what tomorrow will bring. I grew up in a split family with a lot of drama and I’ve held a lot of resentment along the way into my adult life. I’m generally a happy person and I love life now that I control my own destiny. I fight hard but love harder and I’m extremely loyal to those who are loyal to me. My husband is my rock. I’m a very private person but I’m starting to realize that holding my thoughts, feelings and emotions inside may be making my struggle with anxiety worse. If just one person who struggles the way I do reads my blog and finds peace knowing they are not alone, I will be happy. So this is it. This is where I let go…because I’m tired of being dragged.


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