Be positive they said, things will get better they said. 

If you live in America and did not vote for Trump to be your president, chances are you wake up everyday with a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. Add to that Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), depression and OCD and you have yourself quite a mess. People who do not normally feel anxiety are feeling it right now. Although this is only Trump’s first week in office, he’s managed to divide the country even further, provoke fear where unnecessary, provide “alternative facts” to the public and threaten human rights. I can’t imagine living in a country like this for the next 4 years and to even think that way is heartbreaking. I don’t have much hope for the Trump administration. 

On another note the reorganization happened at work. I now have the same boss but a different reporting line, which I think will be better. Hopefully the culture of my department will shift from negative to positive. 

We are going to Hawaii in 9 weeks. Can’t come soon enough. With all the chaos going on I just want to run away from reality. When I’m there I feel free from the burdens and restraints of my life back at home. The scenery is calming. The smell takes me away. I plan on turning off my phone while we are there and not looking at social media. 

They say history repeats itself. That is proving to be true. I’m not really a person of faith so I can only hope that everything will work out. I haven’t posted in a little bit because I feel like a Debbie downer lately. I don’t know how to even end this post on a high note. Blah. 

Be a good human. ✌️❤️


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