Election Anxiety

Am I the only one who finds themselves up in the middle of the night thinking about what our future holds if Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States? Does the thought of this give anyone else such bad anxiety that their stomach is in knots and every time they close their eyes the room spins? Scrolling through my news feed and seeing political articles (which I do read) are one thing but seeing people defend Trump’s heinous actions – your “friends” – is very telling. I want so bad to call these people out on social media but instead I’m going to use this space to get this off my chest since hopefully posting my thoughts here won’t ruin any friendships.

First – I don’t think either candidate is an ideal choice. BUT bottom line is Hillary is a career politician. She has the experience. If I’m an attorney and I decide that I want to be a doctor and I go to a hospital and apply for a job will they hire me? No. why? I don’t have the qualifications. You can’t put people’s lives in your hands when you have no freaking clue what you’re doing! Reality TV is much different than running a country! Owning hotels and casinos is much different than running a country! I love this country because this just goes to show that ANYONE can aspire to be president. Well just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you should. Did Hillary lie about the emails? Yes. Was Benghazi devistating? Yes. She took ownership of the emails and admitted it was wrong. Under each president Americans have lost their lives fighting for our country. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to blame Hillary for ALL of the Benghazi happening but that’s just me.

Second – Trump’s demeanor, way of thinking and lack of political correctness will get the US nuked. We have had seasoned politicians in office for years and we have been hated by other countries. Put this joke in office and we are destined to be the world’s next target. Hell, our own people will turn on eachother even more. Civil War II? We are stronger together than we are divided and something needs to change. 

Third – I understand how men may talk about women. SOME men may objectify a woman when talking amongst themselves. Listen, it’s one thing to talk about an attractive woman’s features. It’s another to brag about forcing yourself on a woman. Regardless of when that audio occurred, this is very telling about his morals and values. He has daughters! Wives! Trump is promoting rape culture. Period. What he’s showing you right now running for office is not who he is people. What kind of example is he for his sons, would he be for your sons and daughters in a position of power? Disgusting…

I could go on for days but the more I talk about or think of a Trump presidency the bile is rising in my throat. 

What I hate most is how he has pulled the wool over so many people’s eyes. Including some of my friends and family. It’s getting to the point where I’m ready to defriend my Trump supporting friends and family and cut them out of my life. Their support of this candidate is making me question who they are as people. I know that sounds awful.  Was he entertaining at first, yes. Because that’s what he is – an entertainer. But this election is very real.

The Independents running are not in the least bit impressive. They are ignorant to  global issues and have no sense of what it takes to run a country.

Hillary is the best choice right now. I’m not saying that because she’s a woman and I happen to be a feminist, but she has the experience. Electing her we’re pretty much electing Bill too and from what I recall things were pretty good under Bill’s regime. I’m with her.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. As someone with GAD that cares about this country, this may just be enough to send me into the nervous breakdown I’ve been anticipating for years. I cannot wait until it’s over…unless the end result isn’t in our favor šŸ˜–.

Please know that I posted here because I do not feel like getting into a debate with Trump supporters and friends on my social media pages. I won’t entertain that here either. 

Have a great day! šŸŒ»šŸƒšŸšŸ‚šŸŽƒā¤ļø


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