Stress vs. Anxiety

That moment when you’re really anxious and someone asks you what’s going on and you say “I’m fine just a little anxious” and they say “yea I’m stressed too”. I didn’t think anything of the comment at first, then later on I started thinking about what that really meant.

When you’re stressed, there’s a means to an end. The project you’re working on that’s stressing you out will eventually end. Your busy weekend will come to an end. Stress is usually self induced. You took that stressful job, you made too many plans that weekend. 

When you have anxiety you have no control. You can’t pin point what exactly is making you anxious most times. Although there are things you can do to make it more tolerable, there’s nothing you can do to make it go away. It’s typically not self induced. It’s rough.

I’m not trying to downplay feeling stressed. The feeling of stress and anxiety are unfavorable. I’m simply trying to bring an awareness to anxiety and more importantly work towards ending the stigma. This person asked me what’s going on because I may have been quiet and seemed a little distant, not because I looked like I needed to be checked in to the psych ward. 

Today is Memorial Day. Feeling grateful for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. Also reflecting on the mental health of our veterans that return from war with PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, depression. Be kind to people…you never know what kind of internal battles they may be fighting. 💜🇺🇸


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