Current feelings: Anxiety & Wanderlust

Back to work tomorrow. I’ve been off since Christmas. I have so much anxiety about returning, even though I’m only working a day and a half due to New Year’s Eve and day. My husband really wants to go on vacation. I do too but I’m anxious about booking a trip. I need a vacation for mental health reasons. I’m going to book it. 

I’ve been really stressed out about my employment situation. I have an interview on January 14 for a position in a different industry and I’ve been contacted by one of our current competitors about a position. It could be a lot worse. I’m grateful that I could possibly have another opportunity. I’ve been guaranteed employment through December 2016 at my current job but I’d like to leave on my own terms.

I’m in the middle of an attack. My head hurts, my throat feels like it’s closing and I have that tightness in my throat that you get before you cry. I’m feeling light headed. The muscles in my neck and shoulders are so tense and knotted it hurts so bad. 

I hate having anxiety! I feel like I’m trapped in this corpse. I feel like I need to escape. Get me out of here. 

Just let me live! 


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