Your setback is the platform for your come back.

Well, it’s official. My company is being acquired by another company. Which means I’m more than likely out of a job within the next year. And Finances are one of my biggest anxiety triggers…

What is funny is that I’ve been telling my husband for months that I didn’t want to drop a lot of money remodeling the house all at once because what if I lose my job? After months of being paranoid that this was going to happen and having no real reason to be paranoid at the time, it does. I let him convince me that I need to relax, we are fine. The thing is we are fine. We’re not stupid, we didn’t spend more than we could pay back. But see what happens? 

They broke the news to us on Friday, but rumors have been swirling for a couple months now. They basically denied the speculation by telling us that they don’t comment on rumors and everything is “business as usual”. I wanted to believe that so deep down I did. Primarily because I can’t handle the anxiety.

 I’ve been with this company since 2010. It was my first corporate job out of college (I worked at a small law firm for a few years prior). I started at the bottom of this company and worked my way up. I grew with many of my coworkers over the years. Worked through 3 large mergers of our own as we doubled our size. Spent late nights invested in projects trying to ease many of the growing pains. We just couldn’t make it work and as a result we were shopping for a buyer. That may be what is best for the shareholders but not for the employees. Boo. 

I think I’m most disappointed because this company was born in my hometown. It was a local success story until we started biting off more than we could chew with our own acquisitions. Now about 2,500 people in this city are going to be unemployed, not to mention the remaining 3,000 in other states who will find themselves without jobs as well. Which means the market will soon be flooded with similarly qualified individuals as myself and we will be competing for similar jobs. What if I don’t find something? Can I afford to take a major pay cut? Should I start looking now or wait until I get laid off? The questions going through my head and as a result, I’ve had multiple panic attacks since Friday morning.

And about 4 hours of sleep all weekend. Good thing the clocks turned back an hour last night. My stomach is in knots. I’m shakey. I start looking for jobs then stop. Should I change careers now? Do I take whatever I can get? What do I do?! 

This will be me for the next year, or until I find something else. Yay anxiety. 



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