You can only stay strong for so long before you break. Today I broke. Really broke. I got home from work and just lost it. Couldn’t breathe, dizzy, nauseous, sweaty and inconsolable. It’s so hard to have anxiety and function like a normal person everyday. Put on your happy face. Hold down a job and a home and your emotions. 

This happens to me every few months. The world comes crashing down and there is no rationalizing. I freak out. Can’t handle life. Can’t handle the anxiety. Having anxiety really is an uphill battle. Just when I’m about to get to the top there’s a mudslide and I find myself suffocating at the bottom. 

I love my animals. I have 3 cats. They say cats can contribute to mental health issues. I disagree. Although I’ve had cats my entire life I believe I was mental before I was exposed to a cat 😋.

No really though – whenever I’m having bad anxiety they are there for me. Following me around the house. Laying on me purring. I love them. They are like furry little therapists.  Especially this one. 😻



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