It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

I had a few bad days this week. I stress out a lot about finances. I’m a saver, I don’t live beyond my means. I’ve never been late making a payment and I’ve never missed a payment. It was an expensive week. I had to turn in my leased car and pay a penalty because I went way over the allotted miles I was given.  I wasn’t anticipating spending that money because my lease isn’t up for 6 more months but they were having a deal that expired yesterday and if I didn’t capitalize on it I would be paying even more in 6 months. Because I wasn’t anticipating spending that money I did a little online shopping. Bought some stuff for the house. 

I don’t know why I have such a hard time spending money! I’m not going bankrupt now, I can still afford all of my bills. There’s no reason for the stress. But my anxious mind goes towards the “what ifs” and I want to return everything I bought. Doesn’t help that there are talks about my company being bought. Will I have a job? Will I not have a job? Nothing was officially announced but of course I’m jumping to the worst possible scenario in my head.

This week had me feeling pretty down on myself. Anxiety is depressing. Why do I feel guilty spending the money I work so hard for? Maybe I’d be happier if I did something for myself for once. My husband never feels guilty when he spends, why should I? 

I hate anxiety…maybe a pumpkin spice latte will help? Oh wait…I just put on 10-15 lbs that’s probably not the best idea. Another thing to stress about.

Just breathe…šŸƒšŸšŸ‚


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