My brain has too many tabs open…

It’s been a rough few days. Fighting some internal battles. Met with my therapist today. It’s funny how she manages to pull things out if me to explain what I can’t. I’m not an emotional person and I have a hard time talking about my anxiety. I am my own worst enemy and I know that. But how do you break the negative thought patterns you’ve picked up over the course of your life? How do you stay calm? How do you convince yourself that everything is going to be ok? I have no idea. Hopefully I can learn and it’s not too late. Anxiety is so exhausting. 

My home is usually my safe zone. The only place where I am somewhat relaxed. We’re doing a lot of construction though and nothing is put together. I’m not able to be at peace anywhere right now. Maybe that’s why the past few days have been unsettling. Looking forward to the weekend! Here is my horoscope this week…things might be looking up! Here’s to staying positive. 👍 ☀️



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