How do you run away from things that are in your head?

I love this time of year. I hate the road construction that comes along with it. Unfortunately I also live in a place where road repairs occur all summer due to the pot holes our long winters bring. Picture this. I’m an hour from home sitting on the thruway. Every few minutes we roll forward a little bit. More cars are getting on making it more congested. Now we’re down a lane so we all need to move over. I start to feel my chest constricting. Trying to distract myself, I start flipping through radio stations. A song comes on that makes me feel nostalgic. I start thinking about where I was in life when that song was released. I begin to get more anxious. I look around and I’m surrounded by a sea of cars. All I want is to get off of the thruway or get out of my car and run. I roll down all of my windows to get some air. I feel like I’m being held underwater and can’t breathe. I swear the walls of my car are shrinking in on me. I smell something foul and look over. There is a semi next to me packed full of chickens crammed in little cages. I know how they feel. I make eye contact with one and swear I can feel its pain. Tears start to pour from my eyes. I put a hand on my chest and a finger under my nose to make sure I’m still breathing. My lane moves forward enough for the semi to be out of my sight and finally I’m past the construction. I begin to feel my chest open back up. The cool breeze makes breathing easier. I drive another half hour and think about the fact that I’m going to have to endure that everyday for the next few months, but today, I made it. Phew. I’m about to get off at my exit when the semi carrying the chickens passes me. Now I am free and those chickens are still packed together tightly in those cages. I’m going home to eat, they may never eat again. I have a long life to live, this may be the end of theirs. It could always be worse. 


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