I don’t want you to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself.

There are few people that know the extent of how bad my anxiety really is. It’s not something that I go around advertising (although it gives me less anxiety when I don’t have to hide it). The people who do know are people that I trust and people who can relate to me. That said, I recognize that being involved with someone who has generalized anxiety; whether you’re a friend, family member or spouse is hard work. What do you do when a person you care about is having an anxiety attack for an unknown reason? The answer is nothing. There is nothing you can say that will make us think logically, there is nothing you can do to calm us down in that moment. It is simply something that needs to pass. When it passes, we need an ear and a hug. Don’t talk, just listen. Chances are we are feeling vulnerable and depressed and we simply need a reminder that no matter what our flaws are you love and support us. And we love you for that. To everyone who loves and supports me despite my anxious antics, thank you. I love you and I appreciate you more than you know. 


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